Driving Across Canada: Help the Canada 5000 Rally Team Raise Awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease

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When Dave Clark and Dave Myers decided to drive 5000 miles across Canada to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s research, they went to Storm Telematics to monitor and track their journey. The month-long drive down seldom-taken paths may bring them some trials along the way, as a provider of industry-leading software and hardware Storm was happy to lend its expertise in developing safety solutions for a good cause.

The two Daves have set out from Edmonton, AB for Vancouver, BC where they will start the Canada 5000 Rally, a re-creation of the Shell 4000 Rally Race that took place during the 60s and 70s plus a few more stops along the way. They will take some of the same historic roads that the drivers in the original rallies drove and stop at towns to meet the media, community, and vintage car enthusiasts. The 5000 mile rally will span coast-to-coast finishing their road trip in Halifax.
To complete this journey, Dave Clark and Dave Myers will be driving a vintage 1967 Volvo 122S restored to its original Ice Blue color that is outfitted with the latest GPS technology and satellite antennas.

Here is a snippet about what they have to say about the journey:

The Canada 5000 is part history project – recounting the famous Shell 4000 Rally races that ran across Canada in the 1960s. It’s part road trip – following various routes of the original Shell 4000 Rally, but stretching it out to 5000 miles across eight Canadian provinces. It’s part car rebuild – we’ll be driving a 1967 Volvo 122S, so we’ll be taking a non-running 48-year-old Swedish sedan and bringing it back to life so that it can make this journey. It’s part writing project – I’ll be documenting the whole experience and interviewing the drivers and co-drivers who ran the original race. It’s part fundraiser – my partner in this project Dave Myers and I will be raising awareness and money to fight Alzheimer’s Disease.

I got the idea when I was reading the history of the Shell 4000 Rally. For nine years, Canada’s rural and back country roads played host to one of the longest and most challenging rallies of the 1960s. Professional drivers and manufacturer-sponsored teams navigated 4000 miles across Canada every spring from 1961 to 1968 and again in 1971.

It’s a rally that caught my attention as a writer and car enthusiast. For the Canada 5000, I will experience what the rally drivers of the 1960s experienced, by following the routes of several of the original races from coast to coast – Vancouver to Halifax. To be historically accurate, I’ll be running the race in my newly acquired Volvo 122S, the same model of car that won the rally twice and was always a top runner.

This is not your average Trans-Canada road trip. If you went from our designated starting point in Vancouver to the ending point in Halifax, sticking to the Trans-Canada Highway, you would be driving for 68 hours, covering roughly 3,700 miles (6000 KM) and make approximately 33 turns. Following the various Shell 4000 routes, we’ll be driving for 144 hours, travelling roughly 5000 miles (8000 KM) and making nearly 700 turns… and that is if we don’t get lost!

– Dave Clark, Canada 5000
You can learn more about the journey and follow the Canada 5000 Rally on their website at canada5000.ca and by newsletter (http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=25755f508972fa36b7e256692&id=201b89570b).

Starting June 10, follow the drivers on the Storm Telematics Rally Tracker (http://canada5000.ca/storm-telematics-rally-tracker/).

Please donate to the Alzheimer’s Associations across Canada by visiting the Canada 5000 Donation Page (http://canada5000.ca/donate-now).

Storm Telematics is proud to be the GPS tracking provider for the Canada 5000 Rally and leverage our Smart-vu Pro platform so their safety is monitored and so that their enthusiastic audience can follow them along their journey.

We would like to thank Dave Clark and Dave Myers for taking us along on the journey and Applocation Systems, Inc. from Victoria, BC for providing the GPS hardware and technical expertise for this cause.

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