Wherever you look in today’s business environment, higher competition levels, shorter product life-cycles, and decreasing margins have forced technology companies to take steps in protecting their customer-base.  Fleet management companies try and revert to “locking” in clients into long-term contracts, or in the absence of delivering value will resort to decreasing pricing for services.   However, businesses are now recognizing that excellent customer support/service proves to be the most important and critical factor when selecting a long-term service provider and partner.

Competitive differentiation is often identified through the level of services and support provided as opposed to the product itself. Customer retention has proven to be more important than ever before, it’s easier to keep an existing client happy than to acquire a new client. Through the formation of strong relationships, overall customer loyalty will increase greatly at an organization.

This knowledge and demand for value is especially relevant to the high technology industry. It is no longer acceptable to “lock’ in a client into a fleet management solution long-term. It is important to ensure that the fleet management solution provider you select can provide a fully-integrated platform and can scale as your organization grows or as needs change and to work with a provider that offers a high-quality and convenient technical support.

Here at Storm Telematics, we take pride in the customer support we offer by providing each account with dedicated Implementation Specialists. Our Implementation Specialists are with you every step of the way from installation, creating custom reports, and helping with anything else you may need throughout your entire time working with us – they truly are part of your fleet management department.

Without a strong support team behind the solution, especially when it comes to optimizing your assets, the product significantly loses value. Speak with one of our Solution Engineers to learn more about our high-quality customer support and the products that Storm Telematics offer.

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