In the May 31st press release Frost & Sullivan commends Storm Telematics as the Best-in-Class for Customer Value Leadership Award in the Fleet Optimization and Asset Management Analytics Market. Storm’s analytics solutions not only offer customers an overview of fleet, equipment and materials status but also helps to identify the areas that need improvement through a powerful proprietary analytics engine. It is Storm’s unique approach of optimizing assets and materials that has garnered the attention of global research and analysis firm, Frost & Sullivan, recognizing Storm Telematics with the 2016 Best Practices Award, specifically the Customer Value Leadership Award. Frost & Sullivan’s award recognizes companies that demonstrate outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas of such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Comparing key market players, top industry analysts recognize Storm Telematics as the best telematics supplier for customer value with the highest score.

number-one-awardBy fusing telematics data and RFID technology into their analytics engine, Storm is able to convert data into actionable intelligence and generate quantifiable savings…It analyzes massive volumes of data from multiple sources and formats, and turns them into clear, highly granular information so the client can measure the true cost of inefficiency”

– Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, Gokulnath Raghavan.

Today’s customers and owners are demanding increased management for peak optimization and productivity to provide better delivery of customer service, increased responsiveness of fleet, materials, and equipment. The asset manager is much more sophisticated and playing a larger role in operational productivity. After years of increasing competition, lower than expected asset lifecycles, declining return on investment, and raising maintenance costs, asset managers require increased transparency and responsiveness from big data and technology like those provided by Storm Smart-vu Suite of solutions to achieve the full potential of their assets.

Based on the review by Frost & Sullivan, Storm is #1 for the following top 4 reasons:

  1. Second generation telematics solution Storm Telematics has introduced a second-generation fleet optimization program where the focus and emphasis is on GPS and RFID data analysis and measuring the true cost of fleet and asset inefficiency – with additional features learned through years of implementation of first generation fleet management systems.
  2. Proven results and measurable savings – Storm has demonstrated results with a number of industries including reducing fuel costs for a health care services organization by 18% in the first year and providing a 152% ROI for Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. in less than four months.
  3. Integrated RFID, GPS and analytics platform – Storm’s platform has uniquely integrated telematics with advanced RFID to create a proprietary fleet, asset, materials and analytics solution suite. The solution provides customers’ transparency into their businesses, focusing on key performance indicators that are of relevance to the organization.
  4. Builds customer satisfaction increased transparency and collaboration – Storm believes that in order to deliver best-in-class customer service, it is important to first create a vast data pool. Performing algorithm-based analytics of that data pool allows customers to gain insights into the current state of their assets, as well as the benefits that they will enjoy by optimizing fleet and asset performance.

Storm Telematics strives to deliver new innovative solutions that address our discerning partners requirements. One of our primary responsibilities is to anticipate emerging mobile technology requirements and create innovative solutions to deliver efficiency and measured cost savings. Enabling our customer’s success and growth are at the heart of our development efforts, elevating the user experience, which is just one of the reasons we’re thrilled to be honored by Frost & Sullivan.

Thank you to our loyal customers for your ongoing support! We look forward to breaking new boundaries in 2016 and beyond. Start your optimization journey today by contacting Storm Telematics and we will assist you in identifying the correct solution for securing and optimizing your fleet and material assets. You may access our Online Calendar to schedule a lunch (on us) or a conference call, as we remain on standby to deliver quantifiable value to your organization. 877-309-8354

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