How To Earn Greater Insurance Savings By Optimizing Your Fleet

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Risk management professionals understand that when businesses adopt a fleet optimization platform they are serious about mitigating their risk profile through safety and security. GPS tracking systems have been proven to deliver value and reduce costs by lowering fuel expenses, improving customer service, fine-tuning asset utilization, and reducing payroll fraud but few know that they can also help reduce your insurance premiums. Historically, many insurance companies have offered discounts to businesses with fleet optimization processes in place, most of the time; it can be as simple as alerting them that a solution has been implemented. It is important for businesses and their brokers to investigate the insurance benefits that they can receive for adopting a fleet optimization platform.

Proactively Make your Fleet Safer

A fleet optimization platform can actively alert business stakeholders of unsafe driving habits “instantaneously” and gives the organization an opportunity to take corrective action of the unacceptable behavior, as part of your integrated safety program. Reducing speeding instances across your fleet will reduce accidents and injuries, which shows the insurance company you are aiding in reducing risk exposure.

Proactively Keep Your Fleet Secure

A fleet optimization platform discourages theft, employee misuse, and expedites vehicle and equipment recovery from theft. Actively taking steps within your organization shows the insurance company that your business is serious about reducing risk and as a result, an insurance company will often provide discounted rates if your broker requests it.

Storm Telematics has partnered with Excel Insurance who has a stable of insurance companies that will offer an incentive for implementing a fleet optimization system. If your insurance company or broker does not provide you a benefit, call Storm and we would be pleased to make an introduction to Excel Insurance. Excel will also provide a “FREE – NO OBLIGATION” audit of your existing insurance program to ensure your policy has the appropriate pricing, proper coverage and ratings in place.

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