No Need for Speed

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My team and I had some fun the other day when a speeding ticket arrived at our corporate office. The speeding infraction was not appalling (116kph in a 100kph posted speed limit) but nonetheless, we appreciate and respect that speeding laws are in place to protect other drivers, pedestrians, and ourselves. Innocent until proven guilty – we gave the assigned driver Trevor, the benefit of the doubt and forged ahead to find answers within Smart-vu Pro. We worked quickly to find out who the suspect was and if they were guilty. Was it perhaps our Implementation Specialist, our Efficiency Manager or perhaps our fearless leader, the President? Regardless, it took less than five minutes to prove Trevor was innocent or the true owner of this ticket.

We went into our corporate demo Smart-vu Pro account and ran the “Activity Detail Report” for May 31st and in one second generated the data that we needed to determine if actual speeding had occurred. By comparing the time stamp of the infraction on the ticket, 12:32:35, we were able to confirm on the Activity Detail Report that at 12:32:45 the vehicle on road with a 100kph posted speed limit had a Max Speed of 117kph and an Average Speed (over 2 minutes) of 117kph matching the ticket to a tee.

Upon further analysis, we identified that the individual driving the vehicle had left their home only 67 minutes earlier. This unequivocally was Trevor and that he was the owner of the $103 prize. We noticed that at 12:34:45, Trevor had reduced his speed by 34kph down to 82kph over 2 minutes within the 100KM posted speed area. Using our advanced mapping features, we were even able to identify the exact location (see the star) embedded into the satellite image below.

The cost of this speeding infraction equates to $6.44 per KM over the posted speed limit, which is very expensive for 2 mins of mild distraction. We know Trevor to be great driver and on most days he obeys all traffic laws, but even great drivers can become complacent and have a lapse in their attention, thus a speeding infraction occurs.

Without Smart-vu Pro as a tool, the company could not have identified the owner of this infraction and Storm Telematics would have had to absorb this cost. $103 would cover 3 months of SMART-vu Pro service.

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