Visibility and knowledge are powerful and necessary tools to help an organization achieve their optimization objectives but aren’t always enough. Implementing change within a company can be the sticking point, especially when technology is involved, thus, the onboarding process becomes a critical element for adoption.

This is the fork in the road where people get excited by the new technology system or process being introduced into the company or switch off and are reluctant to use the solution altogether. A successful onboarding process assists stakeholders to develop the motivation, understanding and skills necessary to maximize and commit to using the new technology being introduced.

Here are a few of the top key principles we’ve established to ensure a smooth and successful implementation based upon Storm’s integrated optimization platform and past experience in delivering solutions to its enterprise clients. It all starts with being assigned a “dedicated” Implementation Specialist who uses standard project management methodologies to ensure successful deployment of the solution. One of the keys to Storm’s success is accelerating seamless, non-disruptive implementations and to always be focused on the business impact of technology and its ability to improve measurable results. This is achieved by:

Communicating the “Why”

Communication is paramount to achieve a successful implementation and the first step is to establish a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) that identifies each of the steps involved in the rollout process, including assigning responsibilities and tracking start and completion timelines. This is an important tool in managing expectations and ensures alignment between technology and corporate objectives.  We assist each of the stakeholders to understand those objectives as well as the role they are to play in the new implementation and ongoing use of the solution and the overall impact to their workflow and the required adjustments needed. This is further emphasized through ongoing training and support.

Technology Champion    

It’s important that the organization assigns a project sponsor who will champion and lead the implementation roll out. The ideal candidate is someone that is excited and motivated to adopt the new solution and recognizes the intrinsic value that will be delivered internally and can enthusiastically communicate the benefits internally to the rest of their team.  Many organizations will often task IT departments to implement systems and structures, even those companies that have a bounty of IT resources look for ways to prioritize projects and empower business units to take increased ownership of the onboarding process. Business units can feel a little more innovative and adventurous with their process re-engineering when they can make use of lighter-weight systems that they can manage on their own. Many projects can be best accomplished using iterative deployment, tweaking and improving as needed.

Robust Support Process

Organizations are pressed to be agile in order to keep up with market demands and surpass the competition. This agility can only result when decision makers are armed with the ability to see how change needs to be executed throughout the organization and are empowered to implement those changes as efficiently as possible. Fortunately systems are becoming more business-friendly and easier to implement without extensive programming or IT involvement. Not every workflow requires being executed on large, complex and difficult to adapt systems. Business groups should look for workflow automation systems that will allow them to manage the bulk of the definition and deployment on their own. Having a dedicated Implementation Specialist assigned ensures a quick response to any queries or issues that may arise. We recognize that if stakeholders are not receiving the assistance they require during the on-boarding process, they can quickly disengage which impacts adoption.

Begin Your Optimization Journey With Storm Telematics

The following download is a detailed infographics that describes the integrated platform path our clients embark upon in optimizing assets. Leveraging the latest in GPS (telematics), RFID and analytics Storm Telematics is able to successfully measure inefficiency by correlating key performance indicators to direct cost. Payback periods are less than 6 months so we have introduced a program where our clients do not begin paying for service until month 7.

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