Stolen Vehicle Recovery in Less Than 30 Minutes

By March 25, 2015 No Comments

Last month, a truck was stolen from the premises of one of our customers but there was not a shred of panic in their offices. This was because they knew that it was equipped with the latest in GPS technology and Fleet Tracking Software and that finding the vehicle would be a matter of minutes, not hours or days. True to form, they located the vehicle and 30 minutes later the vehicle was back in the yard safe and sound. These are the moments that show how fleet tracking pays for itself hundreds of times over and that tracking and other theft preventative measures keep fleets under your watchful eye.

GPS technology has been used for decades to help people not only navigate their streets but also to find the exact location of their cars, phones, and even wallets whether they are lost or stolen. In the event of a stolen vehicle, Fleet Tracking Software can provide rapid updates to see how fast a stolen vehicle is traveling and where it is going to assist the authorities with the recovery process. Using historical data, you can even recreate the whole event in maps and trace the damages that may have been caused.

A Fleet Tracking Software service that offers alerting can go one step further in detecting the crime of vehicle theft as it happens. Alerts can be set-up to notify if a vehicle is being used at a certain time, certain location, and by certain people. For example, when a driver does not check-in with a valid ID card or a vehicle begins to move at 2AM an email is sent immediately to the fleet manager and security on premise. This allows rapid response to occur and retrieve vehicles back to where they belong sooner.

GPS hardware can be incredibly versatile allowing multiple security features to be embedded into vehicles alongside the tracking functionality. ID card readers represent some of the simplest integrations while vehicle speed limiters and starter-interrupt devices can provide an even more advanced approach to vehicle recovery. There are even accessories tied to the GPS that control the car locks to get your thief familiar with being locked-up.

In 2013, over 72,000 vehicles were stolen in Canada and very few of these vehicles were actually recovered. Protecting your assets is not only a smart business move; it is a common sense move to control your insurance premiums and vehicle costs especially when the list of the Top 10 Stolen Vehicles is dominated by vehicles typically found on work sites. GPS and Fleet Tracking Software is not a replacement for the basic steps to prevent theft – locking your vehicle doors and removing keys from the ignition when not in use, but it will help you find where your vehicle was taken for a joyride and save you money along the way.

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