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Descriptive Analytics

“What Happened”

Diagnostic Analytics

“Why Did it Happen”

Predictive Analytics

“What Will Happen”

Prescriptive Analytics

“What is the best outcome and how can me make it happen”

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Data Analysis

Unlock the “3 V’s” to Unlimited Power and Profits

Volume. Velocity. Variety. The Smart-vu Analytics platform leverages this unique “3V” blueprint so you can harness unlimited power and profits from your data.

Volumes of data endlessly fill the rows of your spreadsheet. But without knowing what to look for, you’re leaving treasure troves of business-transforming data abandoned on your desktop. The Smart-vu Analytics platform takes all of the headaches and guesswork out of interpreting your data for you and automatically crunches the number for you so you can get the insights you need, when you need them.

This lightning-fast insight is possible because the Smart-vu platform collects and analyzes a variety of incoming data at velocities so high that we leave typical data analysis approaches in the dust.

By drilling down on volumes of data at high velocities and from a variety of sources, the Smart-vu platform blends a variety of data so you can discover opportunities that you would otherwise miss.

Whether you are working with extremely large data sets or several spreadsheets, we can design a custom solution for you from the ground up. Want to learn more?

Descriptive Analytics

Clear The Fog And See What’s Really Happening

Everyone knows data is important. But let’s face it, spending countless hours going through reams of spreadsheets is not the core of your business.

That’s why we have created a streamlined solution that allows you to instantly harness the power of the right data so you can see what’s really going on in your organization.

With all of your data conveniently distilled down into easy-to-understand reports, you get the information you need whenever you need it. Our fully customizable software places your key performance indicators at your fingertips so you get a complete view of your data unlike ever before.

Once you see first-hand how we can help you demystify and liberate your data, the sky’s the limit.

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Diagnostic Analytics

Transform Complex Data Into Action

Descriptive analytics helps you understand what happened. Diagnostic analytics tells you why.

Our intuitive visualizations give you up-to-the-minute insights without drowning in the boring details. At the touch of a button, you will know what’s working and what’s not so you are always empowered to make the right business decisions at the right time.

Learn how our Diagnostic Analytics Solution can help your company break free from the slow, traditional and passive norms of yesterday. And move toward the agile, innovative and proactive companies that thrive today.

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Predictive Analytics

Drive Better Business Outcomes By Staying Ahead of The Curve

Imagine if you had a crystal ball that could accurately predict your company’s future. With that type of intel at your disposal, you could identify untapped opportunities. Avoid hidden risks. And get the edge over your competition.

No matter what industry you’re in, your future success hinges on your ability to foretell what’s coming next so you can make more profitable business decisions.

Our robust analytics platform integrates and translates your data into predictive models by running custom-made algorithms. Not sure what all of this means? You don’t have to. We’ve taken care of the hard work for you so you won’t have to lift a finger. And you won’t need an in-house team of data scientists to interpret your results either.

In minutes, our user-friendly interface displays stunning, advanced visualizations that reveals answers to any of your “what if” business questions.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Bridge the Gap Between Your Reality And Your Vision

Now more than ever, the business world has become the survival of the fittest: Spot your weaknesses, take action and evolve…or become extinct.

The success gap between companies that thrive and those that fail is marked by the speed and accuracy that successful companies can receive up-to-date data and actionable insights.


Achieving your company’s goals is impossible without the right action plan. Our analytics platform arms you with the right data and insights so you can not only see exactly where your company stands, but discover how to take your company from where it is now to its future vision.

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Don’t Start Paying for 6 months.

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Reverse Invoicing

Spend Less On Equipment Rental

It’s time to change the way you get billed for rental equipment.

Now you can avoid billing disputes and overcharges by reversing the invoicing process. Instead of waiting around to receive your rental equipment bill, you can put the power back in your hands by informing your contractors what they are authorized to bill you. This indisputable billing authorization is based on data taken from a live audit that tracks and manages the flow of equipment used on a construction project.

When you take control over your rental equipment utilization, you can save a shocking amount on your equipment rental. In fact, we were instrumental in helping one of the largest oil producers on the planet save $5.2 million dollars on managing equipment utilization on all equipment asset classes. You, too, can take the confusion out of billing and start spending less on rental equipment.

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Efficiency Management


Are you still trying to do more with less? In today’s competitive marketplace, successful companies understand that efficiency is king and having an analytics program is no longer considered a “nice to have” but rather a “need to have”.

Efficiency is all about getting accurate and consistent feedback on how your company is really doing in a timely manner but you may not have the internal core competencies or bandwidth to manage an analytics program. And as we are all aware, feedback is the lifeblood of any organization. Yet many companies still don’t have an effective mechanism in place to get reliable, up-to-date insights on their key performance indicators so more companies are outsourcing their analytics requirements to Storm.

Stop repeating the same mistakes and begin to obtain visibility into the true operating performance of your organization that you never even knew existed.

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