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Fleet and Equipment Optimization

Reduce Fleet Management Costs

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Get real-time visibility and actionable fleet data so you can make better day-to-day decisions and plan for long-term success. Armed with the right insights at the right time, you can protect the safety of your drivers, reduce fleet operating costs and ensure on-time vehicle maintenance.

With our award-winning fleet and equipment optimization solution, you’ll truly understand the meaning of “work smarter, not harder”. Click the button below to see how you can double your fleet’s productivity in half the time.

Be sure to ask about our Don’t Pay for 6 Months program so you can start optimizing your fleet and equipment without having to pay today.

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Fluid Optimization

Monitor Your Fluid Levels, Intelligently

Any sensor can tell you when fluid is running low. But that’s not enough. To help you achieve true automation and optimal efficiency, our system has been intelligently engineered to understand the size of the tanks and their capacity so you get automated alerts based upon need and necessity.

Why does that matter?

Unlike all of the other fluid programs available today, you can be sure that the truck auto dispatched to do the job has the capacity to not only empty the tank but to fill it back up – the first time around. Improving efficiency at all levels.

Instead of relying on busy drivers to do the guesswork for you, our system has a built-in alerting feature to dispatch  the right trucks for the right job automatically.

So if you are still monitoring your tanks the old way, call us now to see why a growing number of customers are putting their trust in our advanced fluid optimization program.

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Rig and Access Mat Optimization

Instantly Locate and Retrieve Your Mat Assets

Has this ever happened to you?

One of your best customers needs a selection of rig mats that you are certain should be in stock in one of your laydown yards. But after wasting many hours searching for your inventory, you come up empty – only to later discover your valuable mats were buried deep in the water and mud on a project.

No longer do you have to go on a hunt for your assets. Now you can take back control of your inventory by using our integrated, customized solution that allows you to instantly locate your rig mats by serializing your mats with our advanced radio frequency tagging platform.

Not only will you retrieve your rig mats faster, our solution helps you meet the immediate needs of your customers by showing you exactly what you have available for rent at any given time. And to help you save even more money, you also get crystal-clear insight into the true life-cycle of your assets so you can use them to their full potential.

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Want a tailored approach customized to the unique characteristics of your business?

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Trailer and Modular

Structure Optimization

Ensure Optimal Operation Of Your Modular Assets

You would rather not take time out of your busy day to check your pipes, water levels and sewage capacity. You already have enough to think about. We get it.

That’s why we developed an intrinsically safe trailer optimization solution that sends you instant notifications when your trailer door remains open for too long, your sewage is nearing capacity and when water is running low. Whether it be an owned asset or a rental asset, we will provide you the operating metrics to optimize these modular assets.

Our Modular Space/Trailer Optimization solution means that not only will you never risk expensive pipe bursts during the cold winter months, but you won’t ever have to worry about running out of water, overflowing sewage or expensive downtime.

Learn more about how our trailer optimization solution can help you reduce expensive repair costs and ensure your modular space runs optimally.

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Insurance Optimization

Reducing Total Cost of Risk by Optimizing Operations

Forget everything you thought you knew about negotiating with insurance companies.

Most insurers rely on old, outdated pricing strategies like number of demerit points, speeding tickets, driver history and carrier profile data. You can show them a better way.

With the right tools and data, you can provide insurers with an accurate picture of how your drivers are behaving behind the wheel. Not only does this data provide deeper insight into your driver behavior, it also shows insurers that you are proactively working at minimizing risk for both you and them.  

These advanced driver behavior analytics combined with your good will means you will be in a position of power to negotiate the very best insurance premiums possible.

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