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Fleet Management

Transform The Way You Manage & Track Fleet Performance

Without a 360 degree view of your fleet, you remain blind to the real cost of owning and operating your vehicles and equipment assets.

Gaining crystal-clear visibility over your fleet translates into measurable dollar savings on fuel, kilometres driven, vehicle maintenance and worker overtime. Beyond dramatically reduced costs, Storm Telematics customers report fewer accidents, improved driver behaviour and a major leap in productivity.

Whether you own a few vehicles or a diverse fleet of asset classes, we offer fully customized fleet optimization solutions specifically engineered to help you smash the glass ceiling of your targeted asset performance.

Schedule your free 60-minute Smart Audit and we will lift the veil on your time-wasting, money-leaking blind spots. At the end of our time together, you’ll receive a detailed plan that outlines how you can elevate your fleet to operational excellence faster than you ever thought possible. No fee. No high-pressure sales tactics.

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Materials Tracking

Instantly Locate Your Assets From Anywhere

Never again will you waste precious time or hard-earned dollars by physically searching for your tools, materials, capital assets and people. With our enterprise RFID platform, you can locate your assets 10 times faster than ever before.

For the first time, you will be able to visualize the location and movement of your inventory in real-time – even in the harshest weather conditions. This puts 5-10% in labor costs back in your pocket while you minimize inventory “shrinkage”, reduce asset costs through better utilization and lower sub-contractor costs through better control.

Your road to fully automated materials tracking begins with an Initial Solution Design (ISD). The ISD ensures total alignment between your objectives, scope, schedule, budget, metrics and the technology deployed.

Why wait? Start saving today and don’t pay until month 7.

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Inventory Control

Avoid Inventory Headaches, Costly Write-Offs And Unsatisfied Customers

Say goodbye to wasting hours of precious time filling out lengthy forms.

Now you can painlessly track your inventory so you can meet customer needs, avoid overstocking and eliminate expensive write-offs.

Our #1 ranked inventory control system is the only thing you will ever need to track and control your inventory – all-in-one-place. With just a couple of mouse clicks, you gain complete control and visibility over your inventory. And it doesn’t take a “tech geek” to get the information you need. Our secure dashboard is so simple and intuitive that absolutely anyone can master it within minutes.

But we don’t want to just tell you about it, we would rather show you. Call us now to see our Inventory Control system in action.

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Yard Management

Streamline, Optimize and Automate Your Yard

Never has it been easier to gain total visibility over your yard assets, reduce congestion, avoid delays and boost productivity.

With increasingly cut-throat competition in materials logistics, improving your yard processes is more critical now than ever before. Stop wasting time with excel sheets, pen and paper, and multiple applications. Instead, start saving time and money with our ultimate all-in-one yard management system and you’ll soon see why people are calling it “the next generation” in yard management.

Click on the button below to learn how you can start optimizing your yard without making a single payment for 6 months.

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Data Analytics

Get Data & Actionable Insights No Other Company Can Provide

Everyone loves to talk about “big data”.

But big data is useless if you don’t know what to do with it.

That’s why our team of data scientists and visualization specialists drill deep down into your data to unearth practical solutions to your greatest business challenges. These granular “golden nuggets” can only be discovered using powerful algorithms fully customized for your needs. These customized “efficiency” algorithms are the secret weapon that sets Storm Telematics apart from all of the other Data Analytics platforms available today. Combine that with our in-depth Smart-vu dashboard, and you’ll quickly see why Storm Telematics is in a league of its own.

If you are serious about gaining a competitive advantage while accelerating your revenue growth and minimizing your risk, schedule your Smart Audit  by clicking on the button below.

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Comply With Federal Legislation
Using LoneCall

The Human Cost of Inefficiencies

Every organization thinks it won’t happen to them. But despite your best efforts at ensuring worker safety, you could be missing a critical piece to preventing avoidable emergencies, severe federal penalties and having workers placed on short or long-term disability.

Whether you are in natural resources, construction, transportation or manufacturing, federal legislation requires you to have an effective communication system in place for lone workers.

Not only can LoneCall help you affordably and effectively comply with provincial and federal regulations, but you will rest easier knowing you can reach and monitor lone workers from anywhere, and request help if needed.

Want to learn more? Go ahead and click on the button below for instant access to our FREE LoneCall Whitepaper where you’ll discover exactly how LoneCall helps you address your duty of care obligations so you can keep workers safe, cut costs and even save lives.

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Driver Behavior Analytics

Protect Your Revenues and Reputation One Driver At A Time

Reducing your company’s fleet liabilities starts with your drivers.

But do you know how your drivers are really doing behind the wheel?

From construction, transportation and government, to energy and insurance, our in-depth platform allows you to quickly identify your top and bottom performers at the touch of a button. You will see first-hand what poor driving behavior is costing you in actual dollars. With meaningful driver behavior data at your fingertips, you can empower your drivers to take corrective action.

Change your company’s driving culture today and reap the rewards of lower costs and lower risk exposure.

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